Sunshine Kids Corner Menu
March 4th-8th 

Breakfast: (WG) Cheerios, bananas, milk
Lunch: Ham and cheese, pineapple, cucumbers, crackers, milk
Snack: (WG) Goldfish crackers, clementines, water

Breakfast: Bagels, cream cheese, oranges, milk
Lunch: Grilled cheese (WG) and tomato soup, grapes, milk
Snack: Cheese and apple slices, water

Breakfast: Pancakes, berries, milk
Lunch: Meatloaf (WG roll), carrots, pears, milk 
Snack: Melon, crackers, water

Breakfast: Corn bread, peaches, milk
Lunch: Chicken nuggets (WG roll), corn, applesauce, milk, 
Snack: Yogurt, berries, apple juice

Breakfast: Rice chex (WG), apples, milk
Lunch: Pizza, salad with pineapple, milk
Snack: Ice cream, raisins, crackers, water

Menus are subject to change