Infant Room
In January, we talked about what we wear to go outside (such as hats and mittens) through circle time songs and art projects. We got to explore playing with snow and talking about how it feels. We learned that snowflakes are beautiful, pure, and white, and like God’s children, no two are alike. We read the Mitten story by Jan Brett and got to try on different types of mittens and played with scarves. On Jan. 21st it was international squirrel day and we had a special puppet visitor named Hammy the Squirrel who read stories during our snack, and he was so funny. For the month of February, we will be talking about how great God’s love is, and how he shows his love every day. If you haven’t yet, please bring in some family photos so we can talk about the love we have for our families, and how each family is unique and special. Arctic animals are fascinating and we will be talking about how and where they live. Some of the ways we will be doing this is by freezing arctic toys in ice, Popsicle painting, making our own snow owls art, and polar bear art, and reading Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear? By Eric Carle.

Waddler Room
In Waddlers we have a lot of new beginnings for our kids and staff. We welcome Mrs. Kayla Kruppenbacher into our Sunshine family. She has a college degree in Elementary Education and has worked for Sacandaga Bible Conference where she worked at the children’s camp and retreats, and was the program director for 4 years. We are so happy to have her on our team. Mrs. Meg is working the later shift, and Ms. Jasmine will be here at drop off in the morning and working with Mrs. Kayla until 3:30 as well. We have two new friends who have moved up to our room from the infant room, Ben and Sylas! In the month of February, we will be talking about how to be kind to our friends through modeling how to ask for turns, use gentle hands and fun activities for Valentines Day. We will also be talking about Ground Hog Day. Through our individual learning plans and small group activities, Mrs. Kayla will be bonding with the students and getting to know them.

Toddler One Class
In January, we brought in the New Year with more advanced learning plans. We also discussed the weather while practicing how to properly dress before going outside in the cold. As a reminder, please make sure your child has outdoor wear. We finished off the month talking and learning about different cultures and experimented with some fun food tasting activities. Some of the countries that we incorporated were Mexico, France, Poland, and China for Chinese New Year. In February, we will be working on a lot of sensory based art and activities. We will be working on how to make friends by modeling how to play with others, asking for a turn, and sharing. Some of the games and activities will be based off of our themes for this month such as Valentines Day, Winnie the Pooh, and Dr. Suess. If you wish to have your child participate in Valentines exchanges, please feel free to come and talk to Miss April or Miss Brittany

Toddler Two Class
In January, the toddler two classroom has been working on literacy. We have been reading Nursery rhymes and will be reading “Giraffe in the Bath” and other bedtime stories. We are identifying more letters in the alphabet, especially the ones in our names. We have been playing with play dough and practicing how to use scissors. In February, we will be doing an All About Me unit where we will talk about our families and some of our favorite things. We will celebrate Valentines Day and the Chinese New Year. We will continue to learn sharing skills and will be completing activities that help us follow directions. We are very excited to continue to learn and grow! 

Three Year Old Classroom
In January, we were super excited to get started on the New Year. We talked about bundling up, winter clothes, and worked on zipping our coats, and putting on our gloves and boots. We also got to make our own winterland. We talked about counting and worked on our numbers with some fun snowman activities. We also used different textures in our sensory bin, getting creative while working on writing our letters. In week three, we discovered different winter animals and focused on shapes with our fun penguin crafts. In week four, we worked on our colors with our Disney theme such as Frozen, Up, Cinderella, The Lion King and got to watch a movie to end the first month of the new year. In February, we will be discussing our feelings, and different ways to make us feel better. We will be sure to go over how cozy corner is always open when feeling down. Our smiles are beautiful so we need to take care of our teeth, so we will be talking about Dental Health. Valentines Day is about kindness and love and we will be celebrating Valentines Day in our class, so please check with me about what foods are safe for all of our children in class. To finish this month, we will be zooming into space and working on our colors, shapes, and spelling our names.

4 Year Old Pre-K Classroom
In our room we have been very busy covering lots of important topics. This month we worked a lot on our creative curriculum study which was all about clothing. Some of the exciting themes we covered were winter clothing, snowmen, winter animals, and the story “The Mitten”. Everyday we continue to work on our names, numbers, and the alphabet for writing literacy. In February, we will be having lots of fun covering our creative curriculum study about balls. We will also be covering a unit on Dental Health Awareness. We will be busy having fun with special Valentines Day crafts for our family and friends.